About Me

Hey Friend! I'm Jess, a Certified Eating Psychology Coach who specializes in Functional Endocrinology (aka Hormones). I work with clients to heal their relationship with their bodies through scientifically backed nourishment, psychological work, and emotional healing. My clients range from having thyroid and hormone imbalances to debilitating body image dysfunction they are desperate to overcome. For all cases, I employ my integrated system of healing, a WHOLE HEALING system, if you will: food, movement, and mindset. We must THINK healthy to BE healthy. That piece of the puzzle is severely lacking in our health care system (even the holistic health care system) and that is what I'm trying to fix. I practice integrative care that works to heal your body, mind, and heart; because I believe whole humans should be treated with whole care.

I’m best known for a few things: Sass, Real talk bordering on #nofilter, Psychobio nerd talk, and an UNWAVERING passion for empowering women everywhere. You can catch me in all my sassy, nerdy, passionate glory over on Instagram, especially during my signature Series #WHtabootuesday , where I cover the most taboo topics of women’s health, body positivity, female empowerment and anything in between. (psst: where #myplatemybusiness was born!). If you’re into real talk about how to support your hormones the NON diet culture way, learning more about body acceptance, and GIFS interspersed in anatomy talks, then WELCOME. You’ve come to the right place;)

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My Story

My plate. My business. *get the shirt

My plate. My business. *get the shirt

My story sounds like a lot of women's story these days, one that starts with distorted body image and an all-consuming concern for her appearance, weight loss, and finding the “perfect” diet to fix all my woes. Fast forward to college where I was severely underweight, running marathons, and eating vegan because I thought that was the THING I was supposed to be doing. A few years later I'm diagnosed hypothyroid, haven’t had a menstrual cycle in years, my digestion feels like a losing battle, and my adrenals are in the toilet. Years of over-exercising, undereating (even on nutritious whole foods), and having a debilitating body image eventually caught up with me. I was wholly exhausted, ironically, doing what ALL the magazines and health gurus told me I should do.

When I looked around seeking help, I was only met with doctors and psychiatrists who wanted to prescribe me meds designed for a SPECIFIC piece of the whole puzzle I was battling with. Doctors thought I needed birth control to fix my hormones, and psychiatrists were less concerned about my battle with body image then they were with mental health diagnoses. No one was looking at my WHOLE picture. How intertwined my self esteem was to my body image, to my relationship with food, to my physical ailments. It was all connected, and I needed the same kind of connected help.

I set out to become the kind of professional I so desperately needed in my own healing journey. Someone who looks at the WHOLE person, helping women recover from chronic dieting and years of restriction, both physically but also mentally and emotionally. Drawing lines and connecting the dots where people usually don’t. Helping women seek TRUE health, something that has nothing to do with a dress size and everything to do with body kindness and intuitive living. (Yup, a little woo woo. and Yup, a lotta important)

My melting pot of education and certification allows me to look at women’s biology AND psychology and guide them into WHOLE healing. And I have to say, it’s the best damn job I could ask for.

The Mission



The Wholly Healed Mission is 3 fold:

  1. Never cease to embody and proclaim the truth that all women are loved, valued, seen, and enough EXACTLY as they are.

  2. To be a truth seeker and lie slayer, to bring light into the realms of female culture where darkness and lies permeate (aka the realest of the Real Talk covering everything from women’s health to women’s worth)

  3. To create high quality content that enables women to live in such truths (blog posts, newsletters, guides, instagram posts, #WHtabootuesdays, and #hormonehacks)

Jess Facts:

  1. I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with the beach and all things ocean related.

  2. I just recently married my best friend, otherwise known as HusBae, and if you ask me about him yes I will gush.

  3. I decided to graduate a year early from Berkeley on a whim just because a man in my class told me it would be too hard and that annoyed me.

  4. I can sometimes be impulsive. (see above)

  5. I have sass to spare, but I also do my best to prioritize compassion and grace so I feel like that kinda balances out honestly. cue nonchalant shrug

  6. When I was little, I used to want to be a writer. i love love love using the written word to communicate eloquently, and teach directly. If you follow me on instagram, I’m sure you’ve picked up on my thing for the written word;)

  7. I'm half Arabic, half Italian. Which means I've got fiery blood and good food in my genetics…..And also my natural talking voice is more like a yell and I cuss in 3 different languages instead of just one.

  8. I have a heart and passion for helping women feel at home in their bodies, realize their worth, and live a truly nourished life,

I am so blessed and excited to walk alongside you on your journey to wholeness!

Live Whole,