This page includes my favorites of ALL the things. From Books, Kitchen Gadgets, biofeedback tools, and more books! I've included links to their Amazon purchase site in case any really catch your eye.

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Women Food and God

THIS BOOK. I recommend this book to anyone who has ever struggled with restrictive eating, binge eating, over eating, emotional eating, most eating IN GENERAL. Its a best seller for good reason.

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Health at Every Size

The first and foremost book I recommend to anyone who is ready to pursue intuitive living, eating, and looking into the science of WHY DIETS DON’T WORK. This is a foundational book I recommend everyone reading. Be prepared to encounter some eye opening science in here.

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The Slow Down Diet

chronicles all the things that influence our health that have everything to do with food, but not the ACTUAL food. Food Rhythm, stress physiology, breathing, pleasure, negative thoughts, and more are covered in this enlightening and scientifically backed book. The studies are eye opening, and I always recommend both this book AND one about the food science of nutrition, because both are critical pieces to the health puzzle. Your mind will be blown. Read it.

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The Big Fat Surprise

If you have ever found yourself on the low fat train, believing myths like egg yolks contribute to heart disease, or want to know more about how politics influence the government food recommendations, you NEED to read this. Nina Teicholz is not a nutritionist with an agenda, but an investigative journalist whose curiosity led her to dig into the potent question: where did Americas fear of fat come from? Who even decided those Government Nutritional Guidelines? Is their bias involved? Spoiler alert…juicy answers inside.

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Taking Charge of Your Fertility

ANYONE WITH A UTERUS NEEDS THIS BOOK. It is the encyclopedia all young women should get when they first get their period. Learn how to track your cycle the PROPER WAY, non hormonal birth control options, and how to read your own body to prevent pregnancy, get pregnant, and all around read your own reproductive health.

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Period Repair Manual

Another must have for any woman of Childbearing age. Whether you have a regular period, irregular period, or an MIA period. This book is all about supporting your cycle naturally, it’s incredibly helpful!

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Other Honorable Mentions: The Woman Code by Alisa Vitti. The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown. The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Ruben. Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole. Body Kindness by Rebecca Stritchfield. Body Positive Power by Meghan Crabbe.


My favorite brands for each and what they’re taken for! Remember, consult your doctor before adding any


Most of the makeup, skin care, and personal care products we use are loaded with endocrine disrupting chemicals that have been linked to everything from cancer to neurodegeneration. Here are resources and brands I have tried and loved on my switch to safer beauty. 


This hilarious, inspiring, female empowerment accessories brand is where I get ALL my gifts from (for others any myself:). They supplied the I AM bracelets I gave to my bridesmaids for the wedding, and the ‘Not Today Satan’ Necklace so many of ya’ll ask about on Insta! They’ve got everything from hilariously relatable mugs and stickers to jewelry with a message.

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